About myself


Hello. Today I’d like to talk about myself. It seems that Japanese younger blogger like to talk about myself and their career plan. But I have hesitated to talk about myself in English. Anyway I decide to try to write about me in English.




 I have been working as writer in my home, Kobe since 2015. I send article to some travel magazine companies which is located in Tokyo. I always have written about Europe through WordPress in Japanese. Of course sometimes I visit some famous spots in Kobe to write article. 

My vision is to connect history and politics with travel like Rick Steves who is so famous American travel writer. Actually there are no such a kind travel writer in Japan. Well in my opinion a lot of Japanese read travel book to find just famous or beautiful spot where a lot people visit as leisure. My travel style is studying something with traveling in the world. 

I would like to pursue my travel style as writer. Travel makes just normal man intelligence and good man. 


I have been interested in Eastern Europe and Central Europe in here. Everyone say Why?. Eastern and Central Europe faced so difficult problem which we have never experienced. For example freedom, authoritarian, independence, democracy, nationalism, civil war, immigration and so on.

But I believe that Japanese society must face same problem in the future. For example current Japanese government restricts our freedom in various ways. We must learn importance of freedom from contemporary history of Eastern and Central Europe. Also Japan must get immigration to support our society due to low birthrate society. 

Anyway if I could, I wanna live and work in Europe as writer and guide. 




Some foreign friends who lives in Kobe say “hej why you do not write in English? Please write”. Honestly I do not have confidence of writing in English as work. Anyway If you would like to work or talk with me, please let me know. 

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