Mikulov, a city near the border with Austria

Today I’m going to show you Mikulov, a small city near the border with Austria. You would enjoy beautiful view and nice white wines that are so nice to Japanese. read more

National anthem melody radio concert


I like to sing national anthem(国歌 Kokka) in the world as hobby. But I did not count how many countries I can sing.So I tried to sing national anthem of Europe and former USSR countries on 4.2.2017. I sung for 1 hour and took a break for only 5 min. So it was so hard to sing around 40 national anthems. read more

Russia Murmansk Winter 1

In this article I would like to talk about crazy Russian trip in Feb. 2013. Generally Japanese student must hunt job before graduation as Japanese unique system. That means we must hunt job with studying and writing article in university. I had studied about Yugoslavian history and politics with hunting job in graduate school since December 2011. Although I had written graduation article, I could not get job until Feb 2013(Graduation ceremony is held in March) read more

About myself

Hello. Today I’d like to talk about myself. It seems that Japanese younger blogger like to talk about myself and their career plan. But I have hesitated to talk about myself in English. Anyway I decide to try to write about me in English. read more

Mysterious Country Moldova 2: USSR is alive!

I wanna explain about Transdniester in this article. Maybe a lot of people have such a same question: What is Transdniester? Transdniester is country? In fact Transdniester is not formal country but abnormal country…. read more

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